Our Locations

1118 W. Magnolia Bl
Burbank, Ca, 91506
11am-6pm Mon-Sat

13940 Ventura Bl
Sherman Oaks, Ca 91423
11am-6pm Mon-Sat

864 N Main St
Orange, Ca 92868
12pm-7pm Mon-Sat

Imperial Vintage Guitars

Who We Are:

With over 30 years experience in Buying, Selling, and Trading vintage guitars and amplifiers, we at Imperial Vintage Guitars are passionate and knowledgeable about stringed instruments.
Whether it’s a 30’s Gibson L-5, a 70’s Fender Telecaster, a 50’s Gretsch, or a hand made instrument by a contemporary luthier, we are driven by a love of music and the history of the equipment used to make it.
We strive to always have a wide selection of the most unique or highest quality vintage, new, and used guitars, basses, stringed instruments, and amps.

Sell or Trade!
We pay top dollar for vintage and used instruments and we give high values for trade-ins.

Why Buy From Us?
Along with having a proven outstanding customer satisfaction rating, both online and in-store, we believe that what sets us apart is our experience not only as collectors and brokers,
But as musicians who maintain a career in performing and recording music professionally.
This allows us to present instruments from the perspective of the player as well as from the collector and investors’ viewpoint.
We strive to represent our instruments honestly and openly and to deal them reputably and fairly.

Need Repairs?
We offer professional repair services and can help with anything from a basic set-up to a complete vintage restoration.
Our repairs are done in-house and we are proud to offer superb services at competitive prices – all with quick turnaround times.

Get Your Gear Appraised!
In addition to sales and service, we provide professional written appraisal services on your used and vintage gear.
Whether you need a single instrument evaluated or an entire collection appraised for insurance purposes or for resale, we can take care of it for a flat fee.

Get Certified!

We ship worldwide with NO ISSUES as we are a CERTIFIED exporter and importer of instruments made from CITES restricted woods, including Brazilian and Indian Rosewoods. You can be rest assured that your purchase from us will be internationally problem free.
For an additional cost we can provide certified CITES documentation for any guitar we have available.
Contact us for details.

Come On By!

Stop by our original store in Burbank or check out our Sherman Oaks and Orange Locations to meet us personally and see our inventory hands-on, or feel free to call us with any questions…
We look forward to meeting you!