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Xotic RC Bass Booster Electric Guitar Effects Pedal

Xotic RC Bass Booster
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Overview From Sweetwater

A Boost That Adds New Life to Your Bass
The Xotic Bass RC Booster effects pedal gives your tone a fantastic boost or mild overdrive effect, and it's also great as a "leave-it-on-all-the-time" tone-shaping tool. Its circuitry makes the most of the natural character of your bass. Passive instruments benefit greatly from the Bass RC Booster's active 2-band EQ with up to 15dB of boost or cut. And the pedal's true bypass switching ensures it won't color your instrument's sound when switched off. The Bass RC Booster has already found its way onto many Sweetwater bassists' pedalboards.

Xotic: Boutique pedals, preamps, and more
Xotic was born in a small garage in Southern California in 1996 and quickly became known for high-quality, boutique bass guitars and bass preamps. These days, they've expanded the pedal line, crafting stompboxes that are played by some of the finest guitarists in the business. Their acclaimed AC Booster, RC Booster, and BB Preamp pedals remain some of their most popular pedals.

Xotic Bass RC Booster Effects Pedal Features:
Booster pedal that enhances the natural tone of your bass
Enough headroom to be used as a preamp or a powerful gain boost
2-band EQ boasts 15dB of boost/cut for dialing in your tone
Expands the dynamic range of passive basses
Gain control adds a touch of grit around the note
You may find yourself leaving your Bass RC Booster on all the time