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Conrad Johnson

Conrad Johnson MV52 Power Amplifier


Conrad Johnson MV52 Power Amplifier    

Excellent Overall Condition And Very Clean Cosmetically

Recently Serviced With No Issues     

Original Power Tubes Were Replaced With Vintage Mullard EL34's Made For Valco, The Other Tubes Are New JJ and Electro- Harmonix Replacements

Missing One Of The Small Screws For The Cage                                                                  


MV52 Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier

The MV52 considerably refined the circuit design of the MV50 which it superseded. In the MV52 two sections of the input tube were connected in parallel to reduce the source impedance of the voltage amplifier, eliminating the cathode follower of the MV50. Probably the most significant change introduced in the MV52 was the use of polypropylene capacitors for the main power supply filter and reservoir ­eliminating electrolytic capacitors from the main power supplies. This was the first power amplifier to offer an all polypropylene main power supply. All other circuit capacitors in the MV52 were “cjd” polystyrene.


  • 4, 8, 16 ohm speaker taps (screw type)
  • one pair of inputs
  • two plate fuses
  • power switch
  • rack mount front panel


Replacement Tube Set RT52

V1 & V2: 5751 | V3 & V4: 6FQ7 | V5-V8: 6CA7/EL34



  • 45 watts per channel RMS, at 4, 8, or16 ohms both channels driven from 30Hz to 15kHz with no more than 1% THD or IMD
  • Input Sensitivity: 0.80 Volts RMS to rated power
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to more than 20kHz , +0, -.5dB
  • Hum & Noise: 92 dB below 45 watts


  • Dimensions: 19W | 7H | 13 5/8D inches
  • Weight: 40 lbs.